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David arrived locks and keys locksmith qualified approval of the Israel Police has extensive experience and courteous and my Mhir.htzoot

And I provide all locksmith services to private individuals, institutions and businesses in real time at convenient prices as quickly as possible 24 hours a day. We are aware of the utmost importance of speed of response in case of lost / stolen car keys or apartment, so in any emergency or routine we try to get quickly As possible in order to regain some of the peace of mind that was stolen from you.



Call now and get reliable, fast, professional service at a fair price.    

Breakthrough doors of all kinds - steel glass and more

Locked outside the house? We will receive a fast and reliable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the approval of the Israel Police. Opening closed doors Breaking locked doors and replacing locks to doors at great prices !!



Hacking services for all vehicles if the key is locked in a lost or stolen vehicle. Returning keys to the vehicle after loss or theft. Replacement of locks and repair of Swiftz cars.
Forgot your Vault code? 
no problem at all! Call us 
You already have it to open the safe.
 A locksmith in Holon 24 hours a day   

Car burglar - the key to your vehicle



We encounter many situations in the turbulent daily life that we find ourselves unable to get into our car. When
We forgot the car keys inside and the car was locked or we returned from shopping and put the car keys in the trunk and closed it when the key was inside. We lost the car keys or put them in the bag but disappeared. A professional and skilled car burglar will arrive at the place we invented and with the right knowledge and tools that will allow us to break the doors of the car for us without causing any damage and allow us to continue our daily routine as quickly as possible.

A car locksmith



When a need arises for the services of a car locksmith, the urgency is usually high and urgent. Therefore, a skilled and experienced professional should be available, accessible and ready to read at any time and at any given time, with the understanding that someone who finds a mechanical or technical malfunction in the alarm codes, (Very skilled locksmiths also know how to repair and replace a switch) needs immediate help and assistance.
Here you can get comprehensive car locksmith services which include duplicating all types of keys for the car, repairing or renovating or replacing the car swithes, restoring and encoding keys for the vehicle and the motorcycle / motorcycle after loss or theft, changing the combination of the car locks, servicing vehicles without damage, repair cylinders and locks, Warning signs, repairing or disconnecting codecs, and many other services related to the protection and security of the vehicle.
Burglar doors in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area
Fast and easy service within 20 minutes of reading Resolves any problem quickly and lightly Breaks the doors of the wooden and glass doors Years of experience provide the knowledge required to perform any hacking work as difficult as a sense of service High personal and warm, dial now for a profitable price for breaking, , Key duplication, installation and protection of doors, and many other services that we have been providing our customers for many years at attractive prices.



A locksmith in Jerusalem - the key in the center of things 

Something happened? Has anyone got stuck? A burglar in Jerusalem will need help. Every locked door, every cracked cylinder, every stuck safe will be opened easily when a professional, skilled, professional and experienced professional will take the reins and arrive at the problem, find what is bothering and open everything that is needed to open, provided, of course, Something that may be opened and its legal owners proved that it is a private property belonging to him.
Gush Dan, the largest metropolis in the State of Israel, is the heart of the business, entertainment, culture and economy in the country, and therefore incorporates most of the businesses, and these, for their part, occasionally come up with various problems of doors that refuse to open, safes that can not be unlocked and car alarms Who do not stop until the small hours of the night, and also in the city without a break, should, from time to time, sleep. A burglar in the Jerusalem area, who knows the area, the various cities, the neighborhoods, the settlements and the moshavim, can easily and quickly reach the scene of the incident and solve the problem so that life can continue as usual.
There are many who call themselves locksmiths in the Jerusalem area and as in any other professional field, there are also those who are considered high quality and professional and those who are not so skilled and can, even if solved one problem, create countless other problems, some immediate and some will only be discovered in the future , Near or far. Be sure to choose the most reliable, reliable and reputable professional to break a lock or door and enjoy quiet and carefree routine.
A locksmith in the Jerusalem area is, when necessary, the key, literally, to the most effective, quick and optimal solution of every locked door, at home, in the office, in a car or in a safe.
Locksmith - professional hacking services for the home
Life can sometimes be ironic and present us with hallucinatory situations, both funny and amusing. For example, ordering professional hacking services to your private home in the event of being stuck outside the front door and unable to release a stuck key or cylinder that refuses to open to the key rounds. There can be a situation where it is impossible to leave the house when a key is broken or there is a problem with the door mechanism. We are horrified and appalled at any mention of burglary or intrusion into the private domain and ordering a locksmith whose expertise is professional burglary services for the home is the height of the absurd in this respect.
People whose profession is their field of expertise must be impeccable, talented and certified to authorize locksmith services. The training course of locksmiths is relatively long and consists of several stages of theoretical studies, practical training, internship with a veteran and certified locksmith and a professional examination pass.
A professional who specializes in providing professional burglary services to the home needs to know the types of locks, cylinders and doors that are available in the market and know how to detect faults, handle the same problems and repair the necessary repairs without causing serious damage to the door or mechanism and without creating a problem Specifically, a variety of new problems.
Professional burglary, after the locksmith has verified that the property belongs to the person who commissioned it, can be done in a number of ways, including drilling the lock cylinder or using a variety of special tools designed to move the lock pins or use more aggressive means when there is no choice.
In any case, the locksmith must offer the alternatives to the customer, emphasize what can happen in each scenario, get his approval and only then do the work, with a real attempt to reduce and minimize optional damages.
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